The #1 Self-Destructing and Dividend Distribution Token

NUKlear is not a simple Self-Burning Token! It’s more than this. 

What is NUKlear

NUKlear is a store of value with the aim of understanding how deflationary characteristics can affect the currency with a PLUS: mixing deflationary with Dividend Distribution Token characteristics .

Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned and 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month to the TOP100 Token holders.
NUKlear is based on the design of the common self-destructing tokens but with a new and further characteristic: Dividend Distribution

PLUS: Why Dividend Distribution?

Inspiring by deflationary tokens, such as BOMB, we suppose that exists a problem related to the Token Velocity.

Token Velocity = Total Transaction Volume / Average Network Value

Therefore: Average Network Value = Total Transaction Volume / Velocity

To take on the Token Velocity problem we believe the dividend distribution  could be the solution to increase the Average Network Value, further boosting the self-burning effects.

Dividend Token Winners

🚀 Increasing NUKlear Price

Decreasing Supply NUKlear Token

🔥 Decreasing NUKlear Supply Tokens

It is a way to take people's wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes. Inflation is the most universal tax of all.
Thomas Sowell

NUKlear Token Supply & Distribution

  • There are 10,000,000 NUKlear ($NUK) tokens.
  • Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned
  • Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month as Dividends to the TOP100 Token holders.

✅ Verified Smart Contract ✅

✅ No new Tokens creation ✅

💸 55% of NUKlear tokens to our Community for free 💸


NUKlear on Etherscan: our  Smart Contract
Our source code is public and is hosted on GitHub.

NUKlear Supply and distribution

NUKlear Roadmap

NUKlear: Starting the Project! 🔥

Q1 2019

  • Environment and Context Analysis
  • Hiring the Team
  • NUKlear Project Development and Operations
Launch NUKlear Project Airdrop

Launch AirDrop & Listing! 🚀

Q2-Q3 2019

  • AirdDrop Official Launch 🚀  
  • NUKlear Community nurturing  
  • WhitePaper Release 📑
  • AirDrop Distribution 💸
  • Listing on Exchanges 📈

DApps Ecosystem Development ⚙️

Q4 2019

  • The development and operations of NUKlear DApps Ecosystem
  • Updating NUKlear Dividends Mechanism
DAPPS Development
Updated Soon

Will be Updated Soon ⌚️

Q1 2020

People think that we're crazy. It will never work. You're going to fail... Those are the beginning of every great success story.

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